Best Weight Loss Tips for Women To Stay Slim And Healthy 2015

Weight loss tips for women – No Pain, Only Gain

Nowadays, weight loss is a major issue. Everyone is looking for some strategies those can help them in resolving this issue.Weight loss tips are almost the same for everyone. However, women are more interested in losing extra weight than most men .Wight loss is not always a painful procedure. If you have been trying to lose weight desperately though religious diet tops and workouts, you are not alone! Women of all age groups are taking up weight loss as challenge.Weight loss tips for women have been all over the internet these days to enable healthy loss of fat. number of websites are providing weight loss tips for women,and weight loss tips for men, but those tips can be harmful for people. Here, we are going to tell you some fast Best Weight Loss Tips for Women To Stay Slim And Healthy 2015


Best Weight Loss Tips for Women To Stay Slim And Healthy 2015

1. Never Get Too Hungry Eat Less

Doing this at every meal could save about 75 calories a day which equates to nearly an 8-pound weight loss in one year

2,Be a heavy drinker

Be a heavy drinker

how to be a heavy drinker

Water is essential for keeping the body hydrated and If you drink one glass of water before a meal, you would feel fuller and would eat less also takes up space in your stomach so you’ll feel fuller while taking in less calories
drinking adequate water is also one of the essential weight loss tips for women.


Keep juicing for weight loss, as fresh juices help you in your weight loss, but don’t affect your health badly.

4,Be Social

 Avoid stress and engage in social activities.stress negativity often sabotages your weight loss progress and makes quit your weight loss efforts. Your social circle would be helpful for you in avoiding stress.

5,Health Goal

Focus on your health goal Use weight loss calculator and keep updated from your weight. If you notice that you are gaining weight, then avoid things those can make you fat.

6,Skip the salt habit

Salt is a big contributor to weight gain and often a reason why the numbers on the scale aren’t going check the nutrition labels for high sodium levels and choose fresh over packaged or restaurant foods

7,Spice up your food

Spice up your food

Spice up your food

Adding hot spices to your meals can help curb hunger.University of New York at Buffalo found that capsaicin (a compound found in chilies) triggers your brain to release feel-good endorphins,this is another reason why your body need some heat

8,Walk – Healthy up your happy hour

Walk is one of the easiest and the best way to lose weight and maintain it at the same time.Walking is one of the best weight loss tips for women’s number of researchers and doctors suggest that you must walk in order to lose your weight,

9,Keep a food record

We know you’ve heard this time and time again. Well, that’s because keeping a food record is vital to losing weight and keeping it off long term

10,Slow Eating

Eating Slowly Helps To Lose Weight

Eating Slowly Helps To Lose Weight

Rapid eaters are often heavier than slow eaters, according to research from The University of Rhode Island. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send a message to your brain that you have eaten enough and are satisfied. If you rush your meal and eat rapidly, your body’s satiety cues won’t be tuned in to those feelings of fullness yet and it’s easier to overeat. Try slowing down by chewing each bite at least 10 times,
Eat slowly and savor each bite. You’ll be satisfied with less food

11,Wear Fitted clothing

Wear Fitted clothing

Wear Fitted clothing

The elastic waistband is the dieter’s fashion enemy number one. When you wear clothes that fit well and make you feel good, you have awareness gauges that give you clear signals to help you put on the brakes as you fill up. Use this as a way of staying mindful of your goals and to help keep you from overeating.

12,Don’t Eat meal in front of TV

Don’t eat meal in front of TV. It is recommended to turn off your TV when you are at dining table. If you take meal by watching TV, then you will take more calories.

13,Take fruits

Take fruits at least twice in a day.Take fruits at least twice in a day.fruits in moderation is great for fat loss because they can effectively help control calorie intake while providing essential vitamins and minerals.

14,Appoint a personal trainer

When you are working out to lose weight alone, you may be tempted to ignore your workout schedule and diet plan. Appointing a personal trainer will help you perform all necessary weight loss workouts timely in the right manner.Professional trainer will help you perform various exercises, such as Pilates workouts, in an appropriate manner by avoiding common workout mistakes.

15,Eat healthy food

Best Healthy Food for Dinner

Best Healthy Food

One of the effective ways to lose weight is to monitor and control foods and snacks you eat during the day. You must have healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You should not neglect your healthy diet or skip meal and reach for sweets, biscuits, and other snacks that will increase the number of calories in your body

16,Don’t be hard on yourself

Self-criticism and negativity destroy weight loss goals of thousands of women.Every individual experiences setbacks when trying to reach his or her weight loss goal. If you experience a setback, accept it, work on to improve it, and then move on

These fast and Easy weight loss Tips are recommended,If you follow these simple and best weight loss tips, you will get in shape in no time. but if you can’t follow all of these tips, then adopt at least 3 or 4 from them those you can. Well,

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