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Eyebrow Shapes: A Guide to Finding Your Best Brow Style

Ever look in the mirror and feel like your eyebrows are a little off but you can’t quite put your finger on why? Eyebrow shapes has a huge impact on your face and can make or break your look. The good news is, with so many brow styles trending, there’s an option for every face shape and personal style.

Maybe you’re tired of plucking and primping and just want a low-maintenance natural look. Or perhaps you’re feeling bold and want to make a statement with a stylish arch. Either way, your eyebrows frame your entire face so choosing a flattering shape is one of the best ways to enhance your features and complement your natural beauty.

In this guide, we’ll explore the most popular eyebrow shapes and help you determine which one best suits your unique face and personal style. By the end, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to shape your brows into the perfect frame for your face. The right brows can open up your eyes, create symmetry, and make you look polished and put together. So let’s dive in and find your best brow!

The Basic Eyebrow Shapes and What They Mean

There are several eyebrow shapes to consider, each with a distinct look. The shape you choose depends on your face shape, features, and personal style.

Arched Eyebrows:

Arched brows have a rounded shape that peaks at the arch, creating a wide-eyed look. They balance round faces and soften strong features. To get the look, tweeze below and above the brow to accentuate the arch.

Straight Eyebrows:

Straight brows have little to no arch for a minimalist look. They work well for those with small or angular faces because they don’t overpower your features. Tweeze stray hairs under the brow and trim as needed to keep them neat.

Tapered Eyebrows:

With a tapered shape, brows are fuller at the center and gradually narrow at the ends. They draw attention to your eyes and complement oval or heart-shaped faces. Tweeze hairs under the brow, especially at the ends, and trim as needed.

Round Eyebrows:

As the name suggests, round brows have a soft, circular shape with no hard angles. They balance square faces and create a youthful appearance. Tweeze hairs under the brow to achieve an even curve and trim as needed. Be very careful not to over-tweeze, or you can lose the rounded shape.

In the end, choose the eyebrow shape you like and that fits your style. You can even combine shapes, making one brow arched and one straight, for example. Brow shapes are versatile and temporary, so you can change them as you like until you find your eyebrow match made in beauty heaven!

How to Determine Your Face Shape

To determine your face shape, stand in front of a mirror and study your features. Ask a friend for a second opinion if needed. The basic face shapes are:

Oval: Your face is slightly longer than wide, with a rounded chin and hairline. An oval face can pull off almost any eyebrow style. You’re lucky!

Round: Your face is as wide as it is long, with a rounded hairline and jawline. For a round face, aim for eyebrows that balance out width and create angles, like angled arches or tapered ends.

Heart-shaped: Your face is wider at the forehead and narrow at the jawline. Arching eyebrows help offset a wide top half of the face. Fuller, rounded brows also work well.

Square: Your face is as wide as it is long, with a square hairline and jaw. Softer, rounded eyebrows help offset the angles. Arched or tapered shapes are ideal. Avoid very thin or very bold brows.

Diamond: Your face is narrow at the forehead and jawline, wider at the cheeks. Rounded, arched eyebrows help offset the width at the cheeks while balancing the narrow top and bottom. Avoid very thin or boxy brows.

Once you know your face shape, you can determine the eyebrow style that flatters you most. It may take some experimenting, but when you find that perfect shape, you’ll know. Your brows frame your face, so shaping them well is worth the effort. With the right brows, you’ll be turning heads in no time!

Best Eyebrow Shapes for Different Face Shapes

The shape of your eyebrows can enhance your natural features and complement your face shape. When choosing an eyebrow shape, consider your face shape and which brow styles will create balance and symmetry.

Round Face

If you have a round face, angular eyebrow shapes work well to create contrast. Arching brows, like the arched eyebrow or angled eyebrow shapes, offset roundness and make your face appear more oval. To achieve an arched shape, tweeze the brow hairs on the lower outer edges.

Square Face

Softer, rounded eyebrow shapes balance square faces nicely. Curved brows help soften angular jaws and square hairlines. A rounded eyebrow shape with a gentle arch lifts the eyes and complements square features. Tweeze the top of the brow into a rounded shape and the arch. Leave the brow somewhat thick for the most harmonious look.

Eyebrow styles on different face shapes

Heart-Shaped Face

Eyebrow shapes that are rounded or angled balance the narrow lower face and soften the widow’s peak of heart-shaped faces. A rounded brow with a subtle arch at the peak of the brow helps widen the lower face. Make sure to avoid over-tweezing the brow into too thin of an arch, which can emphasize the narrowness of the chin.

Oval Face

Oval faces can suit many eyebrow shapes. However, eyebrows that are too rounded or too flat may make an oval face appear even longer. Eyebrow shapes that work well for oval faces include the soft angled brow or gentle arch brow. A soft angled brow with a minimal arch helps create angles to balance the oval shape. Tweeze the upper brow into a subtle angle and arch for the most flattering look.

In the end, choose an eyebrow shape you like and that fits your personal style. Your eyebrows should enhance your natural beauty without overpowering your features. With the right shape and arch for your face, your eyebrows will highlight your eyes and bring balance to your face.

Tips for Styling Your Eyebrows Based on Their Natural Shape

Now that you know your eyebrow shape, it’s time to learn how to make the most of it. Here are some tips for styling your brows based on their natural shape:

Sparse or over-plucked brows

If your brows are on the sparser side, focus on growth and fullness. Use a brow growth serum with peptides and antioxidants to stimulate hair follicles and encourage new growth. As your brows fill in, resist the urge to pluck. Get regular trims to shape them instead. Brow pencils, powders, and tinted brow gels can help create the appearance of fuller brows in the meantime.

Bushy or unruly brows

Bushy brows have volume and thickness, but can seem unruly without some tidying up. Have a brow stylist trim your brows to create a uniform shape and arch. Ask them to remove no more than 1/3 of the total brow hair at a time. You can then maintain the shape at home through regular plucking and trimming. Use a brow gel to tame longer hairs and keep brows groomed all day.

Round-shaped brows

If your brows are naturally round in shape, square them off for balance. Have a brow stylist trim the tops of your brows to make them appear more squared. Then, tweeze underneath and at the outer corners of your brows. Apply brow pencil using short, squared-off strokes to further enhance the square shape. Touch up with brow powder for a natural finish.

Flat or straight brows

Flat or straight brows lack arch and curve. You can create the illusion of an arch using brow pencils and powders. Focus the most product on the outer 2/3 of your brows, applying in upward strokes. Tweeze underneath your brows, especially in the center. Trimming the brows will also make them appear more arched. You may need to trim more from the bottom of the brow to lift them.

With regular maintenance and the right products for your brow type, you’ll be styling your way to your most flattering eyebrow shape in no time. Let your natural brows shine through and make the most of the shape you were born with!

Common Eyebrow Shaping Mistakes to Avoid

Some of the most common eyebrow shaping mistakes are easy to make, but important to avoid. Your brows frame your face, so shaping them poorly can throw off your whole look.

Plucking too much from the top

Resist the urge to pluck hairs from the top of your brow. Doing so can make your brows look too short and unnatural. Only pluck hairs from below the brow and in between the brows. Use small eyebrow scissors to trim longer hairs on top if needed.

Creating an overly rounded arch

While a subtle arch can look great, an arch that’s too rounded appears unnatural. If You follow your natural brow shape its the best flattering look. Only pluck in small sections, checking your work in a mirror as you go. It’s easy to get carried away, so take it slow.

Plucking from the outer corners

Avoid plucking hairs from the outer corners of your brows. Doing so can make your eyes look too close together or give you a perpetually surprised expression. Only pluck in between and under the brows, leaving the outer corners alone.

Removing too much bulk

Full, thick brows are in style, so avoid over-plucking. Remove just enough to tidy up your natural shape and create definition. It’s best to pluck underneath and in between the brows. Only pluck a few hairs at a time, checking with a mirror frequently. You can always go back and pluck more, but plucked hairs take time to regrow!

Plucking without a mirror

It may seem tempting to quickly pluck your brows without looking in a mirror, but doing so often leads to over-plucking, uneven shaping, and a result you may regret. Always do your brow shaping in front of a well-lit mirror, preferably a magnifying mirror, so you can see exactly which hairs you’re removing. Take your time and check your work from multiple angles. Your brows will thank you!

Avoiding these common mistakes will help you achieve naturally-shaped eyebrows that complement your features. With some practice and patience, you’ll be shaping your brows like a pro in no time.


So there you have it, a brief tutorial on choosing the shape of your ideal brows. You must ultimately act in a way that gives you confidence and comfort. Make sure to shape your eyebrows to highlight your natural features because they frame your face and are crucial to your appearance. Don’t let what’s popular or what your friends are doing limit you. Take pride in your unique sense of style!

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