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Must Have Winter Fashion Styles to Stay on-Trend This Season

Are you ready to stay on-trend this winter season? As the temperatures drop, your wardrobe needs to keep up with winter fashion style trends. You already know the basics, but what are the latest must-have styles you need in your closet to look fashion-forward? We scoured the latest winter collections and street styles to determine the 10 pieces you absolutely need to have in your wardrobe this season to nail the hottest looks. From stylish outerwear to cozy knits and this season’s essential accessories, this definitive guide will ensure you have all the essentials to create an enviable winter wardrobe. Staying stylish in the cold weather has never been so easy. Read on to discover how you can elevate your look this winter with the latest trends.

Cozy Up in Chunky Knits and Sweaters

In winter fashion nothing beats the coziness of chunky knits and sweaters in the winter.

Chunky Knit Sweaters

  • Invest in a few loose-fitting, oversized sweaters made of thick, chunky knit wool or cotton. These keep you warm without feeling constrictive. Look for turtleneck, cowl neck or wrap styles for extra warmth.
  • Chunky knit cardigans are versatile and can be worn open or belted. They come in different lengths. Belt a long cardigan to accentuate your figure or leave it open for a relaxed look.
  • For extra comfort, look for sweaters with patch pockets, slouchy sleeves, or an asymmetric hem. Details like wooden buttons, cable knit patterns or embroidery add style.
  • Must-have colors for chunky knits include cream, gray, burgundy and forest green. But don’t be afraid to choose a bright pop of color like mustard yellow or teal for a fun statement piece.

Cozy Up

  • Pair your chunky knits with leggings or skinny jeans and knee-high boots for a chic winter outfit.
  • For extra warmth, layer a thermal top or flannel shirt under your sweater.
  • Accessorize with a knit hat, scarf, mittens and a heavyweight coat for outdoor wear.
  • Curl up on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa, your favorite book or movie and a soft blanket. Cozy comfort at its best!

Staying on trend never felt so warm and wonderful. Chunky knits and sweaters are winter fashion must-haves that will keep you looking stylish and feeling oh-so cozy all season long.

Layer Up With Stylish Winter Coats and Jackets

To stay stylish yet cozy this winter, layering up in fashion is a must. Invest in a few key pieces and you’ll be set for the season.

Focus on Fit and Fabric

Look for winter coats that actually fit your body type. An oversized coat may seem cozy but won’t do much against the cold. For extra insulation, choose a coat with a wool blend, down, or fleece lining. These trap body heat better than cotton.

Popular and practical fabrics for winter include:

  • Wool – naturally water resistant and insulating
  • Down – lightweight but superb insulation
  • Fleece – cozy, casual and breathable
  • Leather – stylish and long-lasting

Versatile Styles

Aim for a coat that complements your personal style but also works for various occasions. Some options for winter fashion styles:

winter fashion sweaters coat jacket
  1. Peacoat: A classic double-breasted style that’s polished yet casual.
  2. Puffer Jacke: A lightweight but padded coat that’s perfect for casual use. Look for a longer length for more coverage.
  3. Trench Coat: A stylish coat that works for milder winter weather. Look for versions made of thicker, water-resistant fabrics with an insulated lining.
  4. Parka: A casual coat designed for very cold weather. Often filled with down or a wool lining for maximum insulation.

With the right winter coat or jacket in a complementary cut and color, you’ll not only brave the elements in style but also stay cozy all season long. Time to layer up – winter’s waiting!

Stay Warm in Trendy Boots and Booties

Staying on-trend for winter means embracing cozy yet stylish boots. This season, booties and trendy boots are must-haves for your wardrobe.


Booties are ankle boots that keep you warm without restricting leg movement. They come in a range of styles like:

  • Block heel booties for stable height and comfort
  • Pointed toe booties for a polished look
  • Stiletto heel booties to elevate your style

Booties pair well with skinny jeans, midi skirts, and dresses. Look for options made of water-resistant materials like leather, suede or faux leather to keep feet dry on slushy days.

Trendy Boots

Make a statement this winter with fashionable boots like:

  • Over-the-knee boots: Pull on a pair of black suede over-the-knees boots to achieve a daring yet sophisticated style. look great with skirts.
  • Western boots: Channel your inner cowgirl with a pair of western boots. Styles with embroidery, studs or fringe details are popular this season.
  • Combat boots: Edgy combat boots, like Doc Martens, are ideal for casual wear and adding grunge flair to feminine outfits.
  • Patterned boots: Boots with plaid, houndstooth or animal print fabrics are eye-catching and on-trend. Pair them with solid colors to make the pattern pop.

Look for boots made of leather, suede or faux leather with non-skid rubber soles for traction on icy surfaces. Trendy boots will keep you feeling fashionable all winter long.

winter boots styles

Whether you prefer booties or making a bold statement with stylish boots, there are many trendy options to choose from this season. Keeping your feet warm never has to mean sacrificing your style. Stay on-trend and embrace cozy boots this winter.

Accessorize With Hats, Gloves and Scarves

Accessorizing your winter outfits is key to staying on-trend this season. Adding hats, gloves, scarves and other extras can take your look from drab to fab in an instant.


In winter fashion knit beanie or wool cap is a classic choice for winter and perfect for casual days. For dressier occasions, consider a stylish felt or fur hat. Fedoras, newsboys and cloches are all fashionable options. Look for hats in complementary colors or materials to your coat or boots.


Whether you prefer casual mittens or tailored gloves, you’ll want a pair to keep your hands toasty. Leather, cashmere and wool are luxe options, while knit gloves are more budget-friendly. For extra warmth, consider gloves or mittens lined with Thinsulate or fleece. Look for a pair that allows you to still operate your touchscreen devices.


A winter scarf is essential for protecting your neck from the cold. A chunky knit infinity scarf is endlessly versatile and stylish. For a more polished look, try a cotton, cashmere or wool wrap. A plaid flannel scarf is perfect for casual days. Wrap, drape or knot your scarf for different looks.

Don’t forget the little details that pull an outfit together. Bold jewelry, a stylish wallet or handbag, trendy sunglasses, a statement belt or fun socks are all simple ways to accessorize for winter. Mixing and matching textures, colors and patterns is an easy way to keep your winter style exciting. So bundle up and stay on-trend this season with these must-have winter accessories. Keeping your head, hands and neck warm never looked so good!

Mix Texture and Patterns for a Unique Winter Look

Mixing different textures and patterns is an easy way to create a stylish winter look that’s all your own. Combining cozy knits with structured jackets or patterned scarves with solid coats adds visual interest and helps you stand out.

Chunky knit + sleek jacket

A chunky knit sweater paired with a sleek jacket in a contrasting fabric is a stylish mix of textures. The knit provides warmth while the jacket gives structure. Leather, wool or jean jackets all work well for this combo. Add a patterned scarf for extra flair.

Plaid scarf + solid overcoat

A colorful plaid scarf wrapped around a charcoal or camel overcoat brings life to a simple style. The scarf introduces pattern while the overcoat anchors the look. Look for a scarf with red, green or blue tones to brighten up a winter day.

Faux fur vest + cotton button-down

For an effortless layered look, throw on a faux fur vest over a classic cotton button-down shirt. The soft, fluffy fur vest creates texture against the crisp cotton shirt. Roll up the sleeves of the button-down and leave it untucked for a relaxed vibe.

Winter fashion style looks

Corduroy pants + wool turtleneck

Corduroy pants are a trendy seasonal staple that pair perfectly with a warm wool turtleneck. The corduroy fabric has distinctive ridges that contrast nicely with the soft wool knit. Tuck in the turtleneck to highlight the texture of the pants. Add booties and a statement necklace to complete the outfit.

Mixing and matching pieces in different fabrics, weaves and patterns lets you curate a winter wardrobe that’s cozy yet polished. Step outside your style comfort zone by experimenting with unlikely pairings. You may discover a new favorite texture or pattern combo that becomes your winter go-to. The options for creating a unique winter look by blending textures and patterns are endless!

Best color schemes for this winter season

The colors you choose to wear this winter season can make a stylish statement. Some of the trendiest color schemes for winter fashion incorporate into your winter wardrobe are:

  • Black and white

The classic black and white color combination is always in style. Pair black pants or a skirt with a crisp white button-down shirt or blouse. Add drama with a black coat over an all-white outfit. For extra flair, look for pieces with black and white prints, stripes or plaid.

  • Camel and gray

Earthy tones like camel, beige and gray create a cozy vibe perfect for winter. Look for a camel overcoat, turtleneck sweater or corduroy pants to pair with lighter gray separates. Different shades of the same neutral color family complement each other well.

  • Red and green

For a festive pop of color during the holidays, combine red and green pieces. A emerald green velvet skirt with a cherry red cashmere sweater or a plaid scarf with red and green accents over a winter white jacket make stylish statements. Just be careful not to overdo it – limit bright colors to one or two statement pieces per outfit.

  • Navy and burgundy

Deep, rich shades of navy blue and burgundy are sophisticated choices for winter. Pair high-waisted navy trousers with a burgundy turtleneck or corduroy blazer. A navy peacoat over a burgundy dress creates a dramatic look for a night out. Add metallic gold or rose gold jewelry to accentuate the luxe color combination.

  • Olive and mustard

Earth-toned olive and mustard yellow are cozy, complementary colors for cold weather dressing. An olive utility jacket over a mustard cable knit sweater or an olive skirt with a mustard turtleneck create laid-back, weekend-ready looks. Olive and mustard prints and plaids also work well together in scarves, mittens and hats.


So there you have it, the hottest winter fashion styles to keep you looking stylish and feeling cozy this season. Whether you prefer the comfort of an oversized cardigan, the versatility of a blanket scarf, or the timeless appeal of leather gloves, this list has something for every taste. The key is not to be afraid to experiment with different textures, prints, and layers. Mix and match these trends to create a winter wardrobe you absolutely love. And remember, fashion should be fun. Don’t get so caught up in what’s trendy that you lose your own unique sense of style. Stay warm out there!

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