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Nail Art : Everything You Need to Know About Nail Art Material

So you’ve decided to dive into the world of nail art and want to gather all the essential supplies to get started. Great idea! Nail art is a fun creative outlet and hobby that allows you to express yourself through unique designs on your nails. From straightforward polka dots to complex landscapes, the variety of looks you can create is limitless. The secret to success is having the appropriate equipment and supplies on available so you can unleash your creativity. We’ll go over all the fundamentals you need for any nail art project in this article so you can start using your nails to make a statement. With a little effort, you can quickly achieve salon-quality nail art styles and attract attention with your striking nail art. The best part is that you may complete it all in the convenience of your home!

Different Types of Nail Art Materials:

To get started with nail art, you’ll need a few essential supplies.

  • Brushes:

You’ll want an assortment of brushes for different effects. Small brushes are great for details. Fan brushes create feathered strokes. And flat brushes paint broader areas. Get natural bristles for the best results.

  • Polishes:

Stock up on a variety of polishes – glitters, neon’s, pastels, and metallic. Both regular and gel polishes work, but gels require a UV light to cure. Matte topcoats can give any polish a stylish, velvety finish.

  • Top coat:

A fast-drying top coat seals your design and prevents smudging. Glossy top coats enhance shimmer and metallic shades, while matte top coats create an edgy look.

  • Decals and Gems:

Pre-made decals like stickers, stencils, and stamps are an easy way to get creative. Or go freestyle with loose glitters, rhinestones, beads, and jewels. Apply decals and gems with a toothpick and topcoat to seal them on.

  • Dotting Tools:

Dotting tools make it simple to create polka dots, flowers, and other round designs. You can find multi-sized dotting tools, or just use bobby pins, toothpicks, and skewers in a pinch.

  • Striping Stencils and tape:

Use striping tape to create perfectly straight lines, curves, and angles. Press firmly to adhere the tape, then peel away slowly after painting for crisp edges.

With some practice and the right tools, you’ll be creating stunning nail art designs in no time! Express yourself and have fun with it.

  • Gems, foils and stickers:

Small embellishments like rhinestones, nail foils and stickers add glamorous accents and texture to any nail art design. Simply stick them onto wet polish or nail glue and seal with a top coat.

With the right tools and a little practice, you’ll be creating stunning nail art designs in no time! Express yourself and have fun with it.

Brushes and Dotting Tools for Nail Art Designs

To create intricate nail art designs, you’ll need specialized brushes and dotting tools. These allow you to paint fine details and add decorative touches.

Detail Brushes

Detail brushes come in a variety of sizes to suit any design. Look for brushes specifically meant for nail art, as the bristles are softer and finer. The most common sizes are 00000 (very fine), 000 (fine), and 0 (medium). These are ideal for painting flowers, leaves, and other small elements. Larger brushes, sizes 1 through 10, can fill in bigger areas and backgrounds.

Nail art brushes and doting tools
Nail art brushes and doting tools

Liner Brushes

Liner brushes have a pointed tip that tapers to an ultra-fine point. They’re perfect for creating crisp lines, curves, and borders. Sizes 000 through 5 are typical. These take steady hands and practice to master, but open up a world of design possibilities.

Dotting Tools

Dotting tools, also called nail art pens or styluses, come with interchangeable tips in different sizes to create various sized dots, spots, and teardrop shapes. Start with a variety pack that includes at least 3 to 5 different tips so you have options. Dotting tools make it easy to add polka dots, flowers, animal prints, and other dotted details to your nail art.

With the right tools and a bit of practice, you’ll be creating stunning nail art designs in no time. Be patient and have fun experimenting – the possibilities are endless!

How to use Stamping Plates and Stencils for Graphic Prints

To create graphic prints on your nails using stamping plates and stencils, you’ll need a few essential tools.

Stamping plates

Stamping plates come with pre-etched designs that you can transfer onto your nails. Look for plates with simple prints to start, like geometric shapes, lines, or polka dots. Place the plate design-side up on a hard, flat surface.


A stamper is a rubber tool used to pick up the etched design from the plate and transfer it to your nail. Gently roll the stamper over the plate to pick up the design. Then roll the design onto your nail. Practice your technique on paper first before moving on to your actual nails.

Stamping plates and Stamper
Stamping plates and Stamper


A scraper is used to remove any excess polish from the plate so you get a clean impression. Gently scrape off any polish surrounding the etched design. Be very careful when you are using scraper make shure not to scratch the plate.

To create a graphic print:

  1. Apply a base coat to your nails and let dry.
  2. Apply one coat of your chosen nail polish color to your nails and let dry.
  3. Add another coat of polish to the stamping plate over your chosen design. Let the polish get tacky, about 30 seconds.
  4. Gently scrape away excess polish from the plate with the scraper.
  5. Roll the stamper over the design to pick it up.
  6. Carefully roll the stamper onto your nail to transfer the print.
  7. Repeat on the rest of your nails. Finish with a top coat to protect your nail art.

With some practice, you’ll be creating custom graphic prints on your nails in no time! Stamping plates and stencils open up a world of design possibilities for your DIY nail art.

Color combinations for Maximum Creativity

For nail art that pops, combining complementary colors is key. Some color combos that provide maximum contrast and creativity include:

Red and green

Christmas-themed nails, anyone? Red and green are complementary colors that create a bold look. For a festive touch, add gold for some holiday cheer.

  • Bright cherry red + forest green
  • Candy apple red + emerald
  • Burgundy + olive

Blue and orange

Blue and orange are striking together. These complementary shades make a vibrant statement.

  • Navy + tangerine
  • Cobalt + burnt orange
  • Teal + peach
Nail art color combinations
Nail art color combinations

Yellow and purple

Cheerful yellow paired with regal purple is an unexpected color combo that dazzles.

  • Sunflower + eggplant
  • Daffodil + plum
  • Mustard + violet

For extra pop, use a neon or pastel shade with a darker, richer color. Don’t be afraid to experiment by mixing different textures, patterns and nail art techniques with your chosen color palette. The options for self-expression are endless!

Gels, Glitters, Rhinestones and Embellishments to Take It Up a Notch

To take your nail art to the next level, you’ll want to invest in some embellishments. Gels, glitters, rhinestones and decals allow you to add dimension, texture and bling.


Nail gels come in a variety of colors and add volume to your nails. You’ll need a UV or LED lamp to cure the gels and make them harden on your nails. Gels typically last 2-3 weeks without chipping when applied properly. They do require some buffing to remove, so keep that in mind.


Glitters, glitters and more glitters! Fine glitters, chunky glitters, holographic glitters – the options are endless. Apply glitters with a nail polish, gel or glue and seal them on with a clear top coat. Make sure you use a glitter primer first to avoid staining your nails. Glitters take nail art to a whole new dimension.


What’s more blingy than rhinestones? Use nail glue to adhere rhinestones of any color, size or cut to your nails. Create patterns, shapes or just a splash of sparkle. Rhinestones will last for several days and really make a statement.

Nail art stones and glitter style
Nail art stones and glitter style


Pre-made nail decals or stickers are an easy way to add intricate designs to your nails. Simply stick them on, seal with top coat and you’re done. Look for decals with themes like lace, floral, geometric or stone patterns. Decals can last up to a week depending on the material and how well they’re sealed.

The options for enhancing your nail art are endless. Don’t be afraid to combine multiple embellishments for a truly unique manicure. The key is not going overboard – choose one or two focal points and keep the rest simple.

Files, Clippers and Cuticle Care for a Flawless Nail Art Canvas

To create flawless nail art, you need to start with a smooth base. Invest in high-quality nail files, clippers, and cuticle care tools to properly prep your nails.

Nail Files

Coarse files shape nails, while fine grit files buff and smooth edges. Look for a variety pack with 180, 240, and 400 grit files to shape and refine as needed. Gently file in one direction using light pressure and short strokes.

Nail Clippers

For nail art, use nail clippers designed for cutting natural nails, not just trimming artificial tips. Look for clippers with a curved blade to match the natural curve of your nails. Trim your nails to your desired length and check that all edges are even for the perfect canvas.

Cuticle Care

Push back cuticles with a wooden or rubber cuticle pusher after clipping for a neat appearance. Trim off any loose or dry skin with cuticle nippers, being careful not to cut the live tissue. Apply cuticle oil or cream and gently massage into the area to soften the skin and promote nail growth.

Proper nail care is essential for creating a smooth base to showcase your nail art skills. Invest in high-quality tools and take the time to properly file, clip, and hydrate your nails and cuticles. Your nails and the finished nail art design will benefit from the extra effort. Flawless nail care leads to flawless nail art!

Easy Tips for Beginners

To get started with nail art, you’ll want to gather some essential tools and supplies. Here are a few tips for beginners:

Start with the basics:

Focus on fundamentals before moving on to more advanced techniques. Basic tools like nail polish, top coat, base coat, cotton balls, nail clippers, files, and acetone or nail polish remover are must-haves. You’ll also want Q-tips, brushes, dotting tools, and striping tape.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can add items like rhinestones, stickers, stencils, stamps, or a Dremel rotary tool. But take it slow—there’s no need to buy everything at once. Build up your toolkit over time as your skills improve.

Practice your skills:

Try out different techniques on scrap pieces of paper or plastic sheets before applying them to your nails. Get a feel for how the tools and materials handle. Start with simple dots, lines, or geometric shapes. When you’re comfortable, move on to images, letters, or landscapes. Practice truly does make perfect.

Watch video tutorials:

Seeing nail art techniques in action is extremely helpful. Check different YouTube channels and start learning. Some channels offer step-by-step guides for everything from basic polka dots to intricate floral designs. Follow along with the tutorials and recreate the looks. Over time, you’ll build up an impressive repertoire of skills.

Be patient and have fun!

Don’t get frustrated if your first attempts aren’t salon-quality. Nail art is a skill that takes practice. Enjoy the process, learn from your mistakes, and keep at it. With regular practice, your skills will improve in no time!


You now possess everything you need to begin creating nail art at home. You can quickly become an exceptional designer with some time and effort. Don’t be afraid to attempt new things because nail art is so temporary that you can easily take it off and try something else the following week. You can proceed to more sophisticated tools and approaches once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. There are countless options. Enjoy it and use your imagination! With this comprehensive toolkit and a little imagination, your nails will be your canvas for self-expression. Get ready to take your manicure to a whole new level and dazzle everyone with your flashy fingertips! The world of nail art awaits – now go unleash your inner artist!

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